High Performance Welding Consumables.   

Nickel Alloys
Our in-house formulation, extrusion, drawing and manufacturing capabilities make Arcos the premier supplier of customized high-integrity alloys in the welding industry. Arcos electrodes are available in 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" diameters in hermetically sealed cans.

Our R & D has provided the industry with the most widely accepted ENiCrFe-3 (Arcos 8N12). The reformulated nickel alloy electrodes are often preffered throughout the industry.

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Bare Wires
Arcos AWS Military Applications
382 ERNiCr-3 EN/RN82

Welding of alloys 600, 601 and alloy 800 to themselves and dissimilar welding of stainless to carbon steels.

352 ERNiCrFe-7 N/A

Weld NiCrFe alloys ASTM B163, 166, 167 and 168.

392 ERNiCrFe-6 EN6A/RN6A Clad steel with NiCrFe weld metal and join steel and stainless steel to nickel base alloys.
617 ERNiCrCoMo-1 N/A Weld NiCrCoMo base material and join various dissimilar high-temperature alloys.
625 ERNiCrMo-3 EN/RN625

Useful for various dissimilar joints involving nickel alloys, carbon steel, low alloy and stainless steels. Primarily used on alloys 625, 601, 802 and 9% nickel.

(99 Nickel)

Commercially pure nickel for welding ductile, malleable and grey cast iron.

813 ERCuNi EN/RN67 Weld 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper nickel alloys.
816 ERNiCu-7 EN/RN60 Weld nickel-copper alloys B127, 163, 164 and 165.
861 ERNi-1 EN/RN61

Weld wrought and cast forms of commercially pure nickel ASTM B160, 161, 162 and 163.

(44 Nickel)

Developed for welding of nodular, grey, spheroidal graphite and malleable cast irons to themselves or to other materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel and various nickel alloys.

C-276 ERNiCrMo-4 N/A Weld NiCrMo base metal to itself, steel and most other nickel based alloys
622 ERNiCrMo-10 N/A

Weld NiCrMo alloys to itself, steel, to other nickel base alloys and for cladding steel with NiCrMo weld metal.

Alloy 59 ERNiCrMo-13 N/A

This nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy is used to weld low-carbon NiCrMo alloys.

Covered Electrodes
Arcos AWS Military Applications
1N12 ENiCrMo-3 1N12 Use to join NiCrMo alloys such as 625, 800, 801, 825 and 600.
8N12 ENiCrFe-3 8N12/H Weld similar NiCrFe composition base metals to themselves and carbon steel.
4N1A ENiCrFe-2 4N1A

This electrode is used for various dissimilar combinations of austenitic and ferritic steels and high nickel alloys. Also can be used for welding 9% nickel.

9N10 ENiCu-7 9N10 Primarily used for welding nickel copper alloys to themselves and to steel.
352 ENiCrFe-7 N/A Weld NiCrFe alloy 690 (UNS N06690) to themselves.
C-276 ENiCrMo-4 N/A Weld C-276 to itself and most other nickel based alloys.
617 ENiCrCoMo-1 N/A Weld NiCrCoMo base material and join various dissimilar high temperature alloys.
803 ECuNi CuNi Weld wrought or cast 70/30, 80/20 and 90/10 copper nickel alloys.
Alloy 59 ENiCrMo-13 N/A Weld low-carbon NiCrMo alloys.
622 ENiCrMo-10 N/A Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy is used to weld low-carbon NiCrMo alloys.

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